Home Decor To Fit Your Style

Home Decor To Fit Your Style

Vicki has a passion. In fact, it’s really much more than that. Vicki can’t not create! So when it came time to build out her website, we listened very closely, as we were one creative talking to another, and we had to make absolutely certain we got it right!

Vicki wanted people to feel like they were looking in on an entry way of a lovely home, with that know-it-in-your-gut feeling pulling you in to see what more may be inside! So, we sought to do just that. All of the artwork, curios, lampshades, lamps, clocks and more are items that Vicki has hand-picked and in many cases, restored or beautified in some manner that leaves you scratching your head asking, “How’d she do that?”.

Vicki’s e-commerce hobby website will be launching in September.


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September 11, 2016

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