Thank you – we’re sending the guide to your email now… but

the question is, how consistent do you think you’ll be?

If you’re like many small businesses out there, you are so busy trying to keep all the different hats balanced on top of your head, that consistent, diligent daily & weekly action to build your brand tends to be the hat on the top that falls off first.

Really, though, that’s okay, because you do have better things to do than to spend your life in Facebook, right?

What if you could know that even though you are swamped, with no end in sight, that your Facebook page, your Twitter feed, your LinkedIn posts, and even custom written email content, is still going out week in and week out? What if you were to start seeing new customer inquiries each month that you didn’t have to try and generate yourself?

That’s what Social Fusion is all about. We’ll write the content, we’ll post to Facebook & LinkedIn, we’ll tweet during the week, and we’ll send out the emails – we’ll even ask for referrals! All you have to do is follow-up on the leads we point out to you as Hot Leads (we figure that’s what you do best!).