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At EdgeTech, we believe things work better when they are approached as a cohesive unit. Sure, each part has its place, but those parts should be seen as a whole. Websites and SEO, while serving distinct roles, are a whole unit. Let EdgeTech help you put the scattered parts of your web strategy back together again.

Gorgeous Designs

From beautiful templates in our Startup Plan to meticulously created custom development in our Maturity Plan, your visitors will love your website

SEO Out of the Box

No need to worry about doing SEO someday. EdgeTech builds your site in such a way that when your new site is launched, your “on-page” SEO is completely optimized, and ready to hit the ground running for the next SEO phase

Fully Responsive

Yes, with 50+% of internet traffic and searches being on mobile phones, you better believe it will be responsive!

SEO Web Fusion

Not all packages are created equal. EdgeTech is serious about your business growth, so we’ve fashioned our plans in a way that fits where you are in your business growth.*

  • Are you just starting out, and needing a simple site, needing to get the exposure, but NOT needing to spend a lot of money? STARTUP is for you
  • If you’ve been in business awhile, have needs that differ from a Startup, but have real problems getting new customers in the door, then RAMPUP is for you
  • Or, you may be well-established, with a steady stream of new customers as well as a solid client base, and are looking to extend your reach into new areas – EXPANSION is calling your name
  • And for those companies who have been around the block a few times, and find that things are just “steady Eddy”, but you seem to find that client base slipping some, and employees losing the motivation to keep up their once-stellar performance, MATURITY is your solution


* Note: Read more about the four levels of business growth at FusePhase

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